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Welcome to Nibbles & Bits

This new blog that will provide practical insight into issues about your Windows computer. It will also cover topics including hardware from desktops to Droids, the software that runs on them, and new trends in computing that can help you increase your productivity or enjoy computing more.

 OK, What Are Nibbles and Bits?

 The basic unit of information that computers understand is the Byte. Eight bits comprise a single byte and a nibble is four bits or half a byte.

 In this blog, I will give you bits of information and in some cases, slightly longer nibbles to pique your interest.  For more in-depth coverage, I’ll provide some links to get you started in the right direction.

 New material will be posted every Wednesday. Over time, the frequency will probably increase as the number of topics and discussions grow.

 What’s My Style?

Back in the Middle Ages (the 1950s and 60s) when I was in school, I had difficulty with English teachers. They would make writing assignments that required writing two pages about something.

 For me, there were two major problems:

1. My handwriting was very small and it took a lot of it to fill up one page, let alone two.

2. I wrote very concisely – it took very few words to get a point across.

In order to fill up the two pages, I would start to repeat myself, throw in unneeded words and phrases, and ramble a bit.  For all this effort, I could only earn B+ grades. 

Years later I was introduced to Technical Writing and found that it fit me to a “T.”  That writing style is what I hope to bring to this blog. Short and to the point.

Future Posts

  • Computer Threats and What to Do About Them
  • Safety on the Internet
  • Basic Troubleshooting You Can Do
  • Should I Fix My Old Computer or Buy a New One?
  • Netbooks – the Pros and Cons
  • What’s in My Bag – the Equipment and Software that I Use Daily
  • SmartPhones – Welcome to the World of the Droid, Blackberry, and Pocket PC
  • “Getting Things Done” Methods to Become More Productive
  • Where Does Remember the Milk Fit In?
  • New Accessories for the Mobile User
  • New Software Products
  • Networking at the Office
  • Networking at Home
  • Is Wireless Good or Bad for Me?

 Your Turn

And now a request of you. Please comment on what you read here and also let me know of topics that you would like covered here.

Please feel free to share your experiences about what we discuss.  The more the merrier.

About Dick Buchanan

I started working with computers some 25 years ago when my wife, Carol, and I purchased our first PC which was a Kaypro IV CP/M machine. This lead to studying computer science at Seattle Pacific University and becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). During this time I have worked for The Boeing Company, IBM Global Services, and Microsoft. I currently own and operate a local computing services company called Byte Savvy located in Kalispell, MT
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