Windows 8 How To Video Series – Show the Desktop

This is the first video in our new series on Windows 8.

When you first see Windows 8, it may seem very unfamiliar to you. In this video series we will be showing you tips and techniques to use so Windows 8 becomes much more comfortable for you to use.

The first video introduces the new Metro Start screen and the Windows 8 version of the desktop. You will learn how to easily switch between the two screens.

Here is Video Number 1:

Link to Download the Reference Card

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I started working with computers some 25 years ago when my wife, Carol, and I purchased our first PC which was a Kaypro IV CP/M machine. This lead to studying computer science at Seattle Pacific University and becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). During this time I have worked for The Boeing Company, IBM Global Services, and Microsoft. I currently own and operate a local computing services company called Byte Savvy located in Kalispell, MT
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