My name is Dick Buchanan and I  own and operate Byte Savvy Computing Services located in northwest Montana near Glacier National Park.

My Background

About 30 years ago my wife, Carol, and I purchased our first personal computer, a Kaypro IV CP/M machine with a whopping 64KB of RAM.  That purchase eventually led both of us to careers in computing.

We started a business writing software documentation for small developers in the Seattle area.  From that beginning, I studied computer science at Seattle Pacific University and also become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

I worked for The Boeing Company for 14 years as a technical writer, programmer, systems analyst, and systems engineer. I had the privilege of working on the 777, 767, and 737 airplane programs. However, I am most proud of writing the computer system that ordered all of the equipment for the International Space Station. 

I went on from there to work for IBM Global Services where I created and managed a research lab based on Microsoft network platforms.  After that, I worked on a special project for Microsoft for a year before moving to Montana.

My Interests

When I am not beating up on computer problems for customers, I enjoy playing golf, watching British mysteries on DVDs, and travelling.

My Blog

I hope that this blog will provide valuable information and insight into computer-related topics for our current and future customers.